The True Fit

A job description is created as a model to determine the ideal fit for a position.

The Rembrandt Portrait® was created to identify a candidate’s ability to perform in a specific position.

We don’t just close the hiring gap. We obliterate it.

With the Rembrandt Portrait® guiding your hiring decisions, 9 out of 10 people who meet your model are winners.

What odds are you getting without the Rembrandt Portrait®?

The True Path

Once you’ve hired someone based on truth, professional development is grounded in reality from day one.

We recommended your hires.

We know what motivates them to succeed.

We know where they will meet challenges.

We know what will break them.

Every person is one promotion away from failure if the path does not match the ability.

We are with you every step of the way to assure truth and ability continually drive individual growth.

The True Leader

Leaders are born.

And then they are made...or not.

Leaders can possess a variety of personality traits.

But they only have one set of ability traits.

We know your leaders.

Those leaders may be seasoned and ready to step into that role.

Those leaders may be straight out of the classroom unaware of their destined potential.

Trust the Rembrandt Portrait® to identify the exceptional at every stage.

Trusting us is trusting in the truth.

The True Team

Teamwork is not about people getting along, it is about matching abilities for optimal team performance.


When you hire based on ability rather than bias, diversity takes care of itself.

"The Rembrandt Portrait® is not only blind to people’s differences, it actually welcomes people and includes them in."

Rita Boags, Owner, Leadership Technologies
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