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RembrandtAdvantage is a total human resource solutions company. For 20 years, RembrandtAdvantage has Partnered with more than 15,000 companies worldwide.  As a pioneer of break-through Employee Assessment testing, RembrandtAdvantage has assessed the potential of more than one million employees and applicants.  Our mission at RembrandtAdvantage is to help our clients achieve their strategic goals by hiring, developing and retaining a world class workforce.

The three myths of hiring:

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Sales Success Can Now Be Predicted

Three years ago a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical firm approached us to see if they could better predict sales success. They employed 278 sales representatives in the USA and this division had reached annual billings of $1.1 billion. The first thing we suggested doing was to conduct a Top/Bottom study of their sales force. This is the age-old method for determining what, if any, skills differentiated top sales people from those performing at the bottom of the sales staff. We psychologically profiled the entire sales force and correlated this psychological information against the individual's actual sales performance. As predicted, we were able to identify five key areas of personality, which were held by the top performers and were absent from those performing at the bottom.


Interviewing the Chameleon

Ever hired a highly experienced, smart dressing, charming "Dr. Jekyll" only to have "Mr. Hyde" show up for work on the first day? Ever say to yourself "but he looked so good in the interview, what happened?"


Open-Minded Hiring

Use Psychology and Science To Make Better Placements
By Mark Hersberger

Go with your gut. Is it the best way to make hiring decisions, or is there a more refined, methodical approach? How will the candidate meld with new co-workers? Does his or her work history really translate into the characteristics necessary to excel in the future? Uncovering the complete disposition requires opening the candidate's mind and delving deep into his or her innate capabilities and overall approach to work.


Multimedia Conferencing Specialist Offers Genesys Meeting Profile(TM) for a New Approach to Virtual Meetings Utilizing Personality Styles

VIENNA, Va. & MONTPELLIER, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Genesys Conferencing (Euronext Eurolist:FR0004270270) (NASDAQ:GNSY), a global multimedia conferencing leader,today announced with industrial psychologist Dr. Michael Santo, CEO of Rembrandt Advantage, an industry-first approach to effective Web conferencing called Speed Meetings. Available online at, individuals have access to the Genesys Meeting Profile(TM) provided by Rembrandt Advantage, along with meeting tips and guidelines to determine what kind of Speed Meeting would work effectively within an organization.