RembrandtAdvantage is a total human resource solutions company. For 20 years, RembrandtAdvantage has Partnered with more than 15,000 companies worldwide.  As a pioneer of break-through Employee Assessment testing, RembrandtAdvantage has assessed the potential of more than one million employees and applicants.  Our mission at RembrandtAdvantage is to help our clients achieve their strategic goals by hiring, developing and retaining a world class workforce.

The three myths of hiring:

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Total Solutions

Introduction to Total Solutions™

Total Solutions is a result based recruiting, assessment and development system that provides significant advantages in hiring and developing employees that will succeed. The system takes the process from inception of position requirements to supporting the hired candidate to be successful in his or her new role.


Total Solutions includes:

  • Targeted Models
    • Creating a success model for your targeted positions. We do this by assessing the top and bottom performers and identifying the competencies most predictive of success.
    • We can also leverage our existing success models.
  • Rembrandt SmartApp™ & Rembrandt Portrait®
    • Through automation, we identify the strongest candidates and interview them first.
    • Customizable online application collects position-specific minimum requirements (experience, education, etc.) and employment history.
    • The most promising candidates automatically proceed to taking the Rembrandt Portrait at the time of application, one of the most accurate assessments on the market today.
    • By combining the results of the SmartApp and the Rembrandt Portrait, the system enables the candidates to be prioritized by best fit to the position and sorted by desired criteria.
  • Candidate Presentation Document
    • The comprehensive candidate package includes results of the in-depth interview and Rembrandt Portrait as well as providing behavioral interview questions to be asked during the in-person interview.
  • Consultation
    • A pre-selection consultation with RembrandtAdvantage to review all submitted candidates and gain useful insights into how each of them fits the desired profile for the position and manager.
  • Employee Development from Day 1
    • A post-hire development discussion with newly placed employees and their managers. The objective is to review the Rembrandt Portrait results and initiate development goals, further supporting the onboarding process.
    • A development report, elucidating the newly placed employee's strengths, opportunities and development goals.
    • A second development discussion in 3 months to track progress and results and to redefine the development goals for the next 6 months.
  • Drug Testing and Background - Optional screening offered with our partner, Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp).


  • Quality of candidates hired - Best in class
  • Customized recruiting solution to fit your success model
  • Technology and automation ensure the strongest candidates are consistently identified and not lost in the mass of applicants.
  • Highly trained assessors - experts in the field - interview candidates to validate experience and fit to your requirements.
  • Lower "time to fill" by identifying the best qualified candidates with laser like precision and forwarding them to the hiring managers expeditiously.
  • Increased manager effectiveness by interviewing fewer, but only high caliber candidates
  • Valid managerial interviews - managers are provided with consistent, "just in time" behavioral interview questions that are directly related to the success competencies for the position.
  • Effective and efficient onboarding of new hires, with individual customized development goals.
  • Standardized recruiting and assessment processes assure consistency, validity and legal compliance with federal guidelines.