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RembrandtAdvantage is a total human resource solutions company. For 20 years, RembrandtAdvantage has Partnered with more than 15,000 companies worldwide.  As a pioneer of break-through Employee Assessment testing, RembrandtAdvantage has assessed the potential of more than one million employees and applicants.  Our mission at RembrandtAdvantage is to help our clients achieve their strategic goals by hiring, developing and retaining a world class workforce.

The three myths of hiring:

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Products and Services

Rembrandt Portrait Selection

Employee Selection and Development
Rembrandt Portrait is a sophisticated assessment tool designed to unveil a series of personality characteristics common to all of us. Rembrandt Portrait will help you to understand the critical and differentiating abilities that lead to superior performance in either a potential job candidate or an existing employee.

Rembrandt CareerNavigator

Performance Evaluation
The Rembrandt CareerNavigator is a multi-rater performance evaluation tool that identifies employee competency, performance trends and learning and development opportunities. It can simplify, shorten, and improve your employee appraisal and career planning process. It also offers key solutions to busy line management by being self-empowering, easily administered, cost-effective, and time efficient.


Interview Guide
Our interview guide, Profile Selection Assessment System (PASS™) is a powerful employee selection system that combines four proven elements involved in hiring a world class workforce. PASS uses Competency Modeling, Structured Interview Formats, Behavioral-Event Interviewing, and the Rembrandt Portrait Personality Assessment to empower companies to hire the right person, each and every time.

Rembrandt Total Solutions

Total Solutions ™
Is a result based recruiting, assessment and development system that provides significant advantages in hiring and developing employees that will succeed. The system takes the process from inception of position requirements to supporting the hired candidate to be successful in his or her new role.