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Positions Available with RembrandtAdvantage:

Job NumberPositionLocation

RembrandtAdvantage partners with our customers to provide the sourcing, screening and interviewing of candidates for positions nationwide. The following positions are available with one or more of our clients:

Positions Available with Client Companies:

Job NumberPositionLocation
41478Medical Sales Executive- Laboratory Sales Chicago, IL
41483 Associate Regional Manager- Laboratory Sales Pittsburgh, PA
42270Specialty Development Executive-Oncology Lab SalesLivonia, MI
43778 Associate Regional Manager- Laboratory SalesLivonia, MI
43772Key Account Executive- Laboratory SalesCincinnati, OH
44347 Key Account Executive- Laboratory Sales Chicago, IL
44858Key Account Representative- Internal AccountsSt. Louis, MO
45037Medical Sales Executive- Laboratory Sales Milwaukee, WI
45639 Key Account Executive-Laboratory SalesMilwaukee, WI
46053Specialty Development Exec-Clinical SpecialistItasca, IL
46052Key Account RepresentativeLouisville, KY